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Sidney Crosby
Segments of two CTV News stories, Sidney Crosby as the 14-year old student and young hockey player, and Sidney Crosby returning home with the Stanley Cup in 2009. Excerpted reports by TSN's Rod Smith (January 16, 2002), and Jacqueline Foster for CTV Atlantic from Cole Harbour NS (August 7, 2009).
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Wayne Gretzky at 14
Clips of Wayne Gretzky and dad, Walter Gretzky, from his early days in hockey.
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Oh fuddle-duddle!
Scrum outside of the House of Commons relating to an incident that took place in the House on February 16, 1971. Members of the Opposition accused Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of mouthing an obscenity. He denied it, saying it was nothing more than "Fuddle Duddle".
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Teenage Wayne Gretzky
Clips of Wayne Gretzky and dad, Walter Gretzky, from his early days in hockey.
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On August 26, 1988, Brian Wilson was interviewed by Norm Perry for Canada AM. HIs first solo album, Brian Wilson, was released on July 12th of that year. Here's an excerpt of that interview.
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Charter of Rights and Freedom 1982
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau speaks at the signing ceremony on Parliament Hill on April 17, 1982. Queen Elizabeth and Trudeau sign the document.
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Kingston Penitentiary Riot 1971
On April 14, 1971 a riot broke out at Kingston Penitentiary that lasted four days. Two inmates were killed, but all hostages were released unharmed.
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Jean Chretien
Canada's twentieth Prime Minister, Jean Chretien held the office from 1993 to 2003, but he held many positions in government before that. A lawyer from Shawinigan, his first election was as the Member of Parliament for Saint-Maurice-Laflèche in 1963, the beginning of a long political career.
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W5 Manitoba Reserve 1968
In January 1968 a child died of starvation on a reserve near Port Arthur ON. That same year W5 filed this report which takes a look at life on a reserve just north of Winnipeg MB.
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Sir John Wolfenden Interview from W5 1967
Interview originally aired in 1967. Wolfenden was the Chairman of the British committee that wrote the Report of the Departmental Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution which concluded that homosexual behavior between consenting adults in private should no longer be a criminal offence. The recommendations led to the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, ten years after the report was published.
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Streets of Montreal - October 1970
Two kidnappings by the FLQ in October 1970 triggered the October Crisis. This was the only occasion when the War Measures Act was used during peacetime. With the military supporting civil authorities, Montreal had the appearance of a city under Marshall Law.
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Labour Day Parade - Sudbury, ON, 1969
In 1969 striking USWA Local 6500 steelworkers from the Inco plant were joined by Falconbridge workers as they took part in a joint Labour Day parade down the streets of Sudbury ON. Their motto was "Strike together, Win Together".
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Pierre Trudeau
15th Prime Minister of Canada, in office from 1968 to 1979, and then from 1980 to 1984. He quickly rose from Prime Minister Lester Pearson's Parliamentary Secretary, to Justice Minister, to Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. His personal motto may have been "Reason before passion", but the nation got wrapped up in "Trudeaumania".
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Canada's mail carriers
In an effort to keep pace with the digital world, Canada Post announced on February 19, 2014 that it will phase out door-to-door delivery in urban centres. Here is the ode to the mail carrier in CTV original footage.
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Toronto's Blizzard of 1999
A blizzard in January 1999 dumped 118 cm of snow on Toronto, effectively bringing the city to a standstill. Mayor Mel Lastman called on the army to help shovel the snow, and to use their equipment to augment police and emergency services. Other parts of the country ridiculed Toronto and its mayor. However the city was already effectively closed, and more snow was forecast.
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An interview with legendary folk singer Joan Baez (1987)
Joan Baez was interviewed by Norm Perry on June 30, 1987 while she was on tour promoting her autobiography, she was a counter-culture leader. A folk singer known just as much for her opposition to segregation and the war in Vietnam. In this clip she talks about the impact of politics on her recording career.
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Gordie Howe 1970
Gordie Howe talks about young children playing hockey, the attitude of being a winner, and what it’s like watching his own sons play. Originally broadcast November 29, 1970, W5
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Brian Mulroney
Canada's eighteenth Prime Minister first entered Parliament as Member of Parliament for Central Nova (August 29, 1983). As leader of the Progressive Conservative Party he served as Prime Minister from 1984 to his retirement in 1993.
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Shanghai Student Protest 1986
CTV's Roger Smith reports from Shanghai China where thousands of students demonstrated for freedom, democracy and human rights.
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Henderson Scores!!
We heard those words on September 26, 1972 when Paul Henderson, playing for the Canadian team in the Summit Series, scored the winning goal to secure victory over the Soviet Team. In fact he scored the winning goals in the final three games of the eight-game series. This reel shows Henderson, teammate Phil Esposito and coach Barry Sinden commenting for W5 from Moscow.
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Northern Ireland Troubles
A look back at CTV original footage taken during the early 1970s in Northern Ireland. Comments from William Craig, Ian Paisley, a glimpse of Bernadette Devlin.
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Irving Layton
March 12, 2012 is the one hundreth anniversary of the birth of poet Irving Layton. Born in Romania, Layton emigrated to Montreal as a child. He became one of Canada's greatest and most controversial poets and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
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On November 10, 1979 a 106-car Canadian Pacific freight train carrying explosive and poisonous chemicals derailed near the interesection of Mavis Road and Dundas Street in Mississauga ON. More than 200,000 people were affected by the largest peace time evacuation in North America, a record that held until Hurricane Katrina caused the evacuation of New Orleans in 2005. There were no deaths resulting from the incident.
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Union Station, Toronto
Located on Front Street in Toronto, Union Station is the busiest transportation facility in Canada serving over 250,000 passengers a day. The current station was opening by Edward, Prince of Wales on August 6, 1927. It’s had a bit of a facelift lately.
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Canadian Flag
The Maple Leaf flag, also called the l'Unifolié (one-leafed), has been Canada’s flag since February 15, 1965. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson formed an all-party committee in 1964 to resolve the “flag issue”, which was a very hot and contentious debate in the early sixties. The committee finally picked a distinctive Canadian design with a stylized red maple leaf in the centre.
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Cockroach industry in China
The Chinese belief that cockroaches possess medicinal properties has led to a growth industry. CTV's Janis MacKey Frayer reports.
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A Short Tribute to John Lennon.
CTV News Stox short tribute commemorates the anniversary of John Lennon's death on December 8, 1980.
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Helen Gurley Brown
"Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere" - Helen Gurley Brown
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The HMCS Haida is a tribal class destroyer built in late 1942 in England, and was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy in 1943. Of the 27 tribal class destroyers built between 1937 and 1945, only the HMCS Haida survives. She served during World War 2, the Korean War, and on NATO peacekeeping missions. The HMCS Haida is now a museum ship on the waterfront of Hamiton, ON. She was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1984. This news report by CTV's Henry Champ originally aired August 30, 1973 on the Haida's 30th anniversary.
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Audrey McLaughlin wins by-election 1987
NDP candidate and future party leader Audrey McLaughlin won election to Parliament in July 1987.
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Jerusalem at night
Original CTV footage of Jerusalem at night. One of the world's oldest cities, considered holy to three major Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
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Rolling Stones in Canada
Clips and interview highlights with the Rolling Stones in Canada.
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Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party talks collapse for now - 2003
Ten short years ago Alliance leader Stephen Harper approached a media scrum with the news that the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties had been unable to reach a deal to unite. CTV's Craig Oliver reports
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In this June 4, 1989 report by CTV reporter Roger Smith, Beijing hospital staff reach the breaking point, as they try to accommodate all the victims of the Martial law crackdown and to come to terms with what is happening to them and their people.
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Pioneer Village Christmas 1976
Black Creek Pioneer Village is an example of a typical crossroads community village that would have been found in the Toronto area during the 1800's. This film footage, showing Christmas preparations, was shot in 1976.
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Bob Marley
30 years ago the world lost a legend, the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. Here CTV's Sandie Rinaldo interviews Marley in 1978, three years before his death. Jamaican president Michael Manley offers his own insight into the political force of reggae, the "people's language".
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Viagra Comes To Canada
It's been fifteen years since the little blue pill was approved for sale in Canada.
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B&W footage from 1962 of protests outside Toronto's Don Jail as the last hangings take place. Colour footage taken by W5 on a visit to the Don Jail death room ten years later.
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Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali
Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, talks about boxing, religion and more.
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CTV'S Rosemary Thompson reported on Jack Layton's first full day as leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Though not yet a Member of Parliament, he was ready to take on the ruling Liberal Party headed by Prime MInister Jean Chretien. And he gave full credit to his wife, Olivia Chow, for being a winning strategist.
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Naked Montreal Photo Shoot
A news item from May 26, 2001 featuring New York photographer Spencer Tunick who asked Montrealers to shed their modesty and pose for him.
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Goodnight Moon
"In the great green room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon..." So begins the much-loved classic children's story "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, first published in 1947. This video illustrates the story using only CTV News stock footage.
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Reaction to Departure of Finance Minister Paul Martin - June 2, 2002
Craig Oliver reports on reaction to Paul Martin's departure from the Liberal cabinet - ten years ago.
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Cantonese Rat Restaurant
A 1992 CTV News report from Guangzhou, China, on Mr. Wu's Restaurant, where the main attraction is "super deer", also known as RAT. Jim Munson reports.
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Ants, bedbugs, bees, wasps, spiders, toads, rats, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, possums, coyotes, cougars, deer, bears. Pests.
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A look at creatures living in woodlands.
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Moose Jaw girls make football team 1986
Two Moose Jaw high school girls wanted to play football rather than stand on the sidelines and cheer. This CTV story, reported by Wayne Mantyka aired on October 19, 1986.
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April Showers
April Showers bring May Flowers. While it is true that into everyone's life a little rain must fall, no one said anything about a deluge! Bring on those spring flowers.
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A handshake is a short ritual where two people grasp each other’s like hand accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the hands. It’s commonly done as a greeting, parting, congratulatory expression, or marks the completion of an agreement.
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